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Thierry is one of those rare people who can relate to, and be with, gorillas. It takes a very special and calm person!
One of Rachel's juvenile gorillas, pre-move to the large forest enclosure.
Nkan Daniel, the oldest juvenile gorilla and Rachel's first charge when she arrived at Ape Action Africa in 2001.
Rachel and Shai, who arrived at Ape Action Africa just after she did in 2001.
I haven't known Rachel for long but I would say from watching her that she's at her happiest when she's with her rescued gorillas. Come to think of it, I think I'm quoting her about that!
UK vet Sharon Redrobe prepares to sedate the gorillas before doing health checks and moving them to their new sanctuary space.
Moving day. The gorillas are in their enclosure and will need to be sedated before they are checked by the vet and transported to their new forest enclosure.
Rachel, the worried Mamma.
Sedated during health checks.
Thierry carries one of the sedated gorillas to their new home.
Rachel was at the side of each gorilla when they woke up from sedation so that they would be less afraid of their new surroundings and know that their juman guardian was nearby.
Exploring the new satellite cage. The gorillas would spend 48 hrs in this enclosure before being introduced to their new and massive forest sanctuary home.
The amazing Appolinaire holds one of the juvenile gorillas during sedation and health checks.
Waking up in her unfamiliar new home and happy to see Rachel there.
Oops, sedation wears off just a bit too quickly and a gorilla awakes during the truck ride from the vet room to the new enclosure. Lucky she is with Appolinaire and feels safe.
Rachel starting to feel relieved as the day goes on and the gorillas have been successfully transferred.
L to R: Sharon, Babs and Appolinaire move quickly and efficiently through the gorilla health checks.
Rachel stayed with the gorillas for the 48 hrs before they were released into the forest sanctuary.
The moment of truth: time to let the gorillas out and see if they will run and rejoice or be afraid of their new surroundings.
As Nkan Daniel, Shai and the other juvenile gorillas sprint from the satellite cage and into the forest, Rachel's face breaks into smile, joy and relief.
Rachel runs along side the enclosure as the gorillas explore their new home.
A job well done, Rachel Hogan. Finally, the gorillas are in a huge forest enclosure away from town, disease and human harrassment.