© Jo-Anne McArthur
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© Jo-Anne McArthur
web by Octopix
Live animal market in Australia.
One cent dyed chicks. Guatemala.
Slaughterhouse, Spain.
Pigs at a slaughterhouse in Canada.
Pigs. Rendering plant, Canada.
Queen Conch, which are becoming endangered due to over harvesting. Belize.
A boat comes back from sea with their catch: thousands of tuna which they have kept in freezers on board. Mauritius, 2009.
Valdivia, Chile.
Seconds after its last breath. Vietnam, 2008.
Rescued from the turkey meat industry. USA, 2006.
Fish market. Laos, 2008.
I found this display of two dead fish at a small seaside market in Chile incredibly vulgar in its haphazardness. 2005.
Undisclosed information and location.
Meat market. Cambodia, 2008.
Goats being transported by rickshaw. India, 2007.
Laotian food market. Many of the animals for sale here were hidden from view. I took this photograph and then they were quickly covered up by the vendor. 2008.
The Sunday Bac Ha market is a popular place to buy dogs for meat. This was the last dog the vendor had for sale, who whimpered and moaned as I took his photograph. He had all but given up trying to disentangle his legs from the stick with which he was carried. Vietnam, 2008.
A puppy being sold for meat at the Sunday Bac Ha market. Vietnam, 2008.
Five large dogs being transported to their slaughter on the back of a motorcycle. Vietnam, 2008.
Hailed as one of the 50 finest dining experiences on Earth, Carnivore Restaurant offers up all-you-can-eat... you guessed it: meat. The experience of eating exotic flesh such as alligator, zebra and ostrich draw thousands of tourists each day. Nairobi, Kenya. 2009.