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Truck stop along Highway 400, Canada.
Taxidermy. Sapa, Vietnam.
Kids have fun at petting zoos but it means that many small animals are groped by inexperienced hands all day.
This scorpion lives in a box except for when he is taken out to thrill tourists. Everglades Gator Park, Florida.
Circus performers. Shriner's Circus, Canada.
Best in Show. Melbourne, Australia.
The Snake Boutique shows off their product at the Pet Expo in Melbourne, Australia.
The Snake Boutique shows off their product at the Pet Expo in Melbourne, Australia.
Pure breed puppies on display at the Pet Expo in Melbourne, Australia.
Weird? Cool? Discuss.
Fish sold as ornaments at Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand.
Animals such as this bird at Chatuchak market suffer enormously in the exotic animal trade and often end up living in cages their entire lives.
The animals at Tiger Temple near Bangkok, Thailand, are said to "live in harmony with monks". A closer look reveals big business at this "temple",funded by tourist dollars.
Tourists can pose with tigers at Tiger Temple near Bangkok, Thailand, where tigers supposedly "live in harmony with monks".
The Shriner's Circus increases profit with elephant rides for spectators before and between shows. Toronto, Canada.
Shriner's Circus performance. There is a long history of brutality in the capture and training of circus elephants.
An elephant awaits performance night at a circus. Women with their children idly chat in the background. Barrie, Canada.
Penguin on display at a mall. Bangkok, Thailand.
"Stupid dog trick" contest. Toronto, Canada.
Marine animals perform for an audience at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.
Between acts at the Calgary Stampede, foals are sent out into the ring so that kids from the audience can tackle them. Alberta, Canada.
Pony rides at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, Canada.
Yaks forced to give rides to tourists every day. The hooks put through their noses often tear and are then repierced. Sikkim, India.
Millions of dollars were spent on the new giraffe exhibit at the Calgary Zoo. The large room is impressive to behold but the space allocated to the giraffes is still pathetically small. Alberta, Canada.
Flamingos on display at the West Edmonton Mall. Alberta, Canada.
Dyed chicks are sold to children for a penny each at a Guatemalan market at Lago de Izabal.
Fish for sale. Hanoi, Vietnam.
When an animal is sighted on safari, all other tourist-carrying vehicles are alerted and race to see the animal. Masai Mara, Kenya.